🆕 The Village

The Village

I've been challenging myself in my recent toy and 3d work to make something without any photoshop. This is all designed and rendered in Blender. There are a ton of imperfections and things that annoy me, but I'm still posting because this is my landfill and I need to be messy not perfect.


The parts

👆 Building simple, reusable components: OMG IS THIS ANOTHER DESIGN SYSTEM PROJECT? YEP

Building more on each part Adding Lights

👆 Turn on the lights: So easy and effective

Adding drama OMG DRAMA Experimenting with lighting

👆 Blue Light Special: It's either 🌛 or the villagers are watching netflix

Orthos are so cute

👆 Orthos: Forced perspective is always so cute

Whoa now not too much fog

👆 Ok, let's not overdo this: Too much fog

Water level view Nice subtle fog levels

👆 That's better.