🆕 🔥 Modeling & Prototyping a Chonker: Batman

The Chonkening

The Chonkiest Batman Ever

Inspired by the work of Scruffy Shenanigans, I decided to sketch, model, render, and print a custom toy. I got a little carried away by his chonkiness and this has inspired a ton of new work. I'll just pile on the images below and you can see where it went.

The Chonkiest Batman Ever

👆The Inspiration: I love Scruffy's style and humor and this was the perfect inspiration I needed to jump back into ZBrush

Sketches & Prototypes & Crocs!

I love sketching. I will spend so much time in Procreate and working on paper just doodling and experimenting. This project has become a bit of an obsession for me and I have loved how it is expanding into a bunch of potential ideas for 3D models and toys. I have spent a lot of time on my sabbatical digging into this project and making use of my ZBrush and Blender skills. I will not explain too much below. This post is just to share some of the stuff I have been up to in my free time.

Getting Weird Logos Sleepy Batman Lazy Crocs Batman

Batman in Times of World Peace

Batshopping at Target Lazy Batman

Modeling Exploration

Exploring Forms The Chonkiest Batman Ever

The first 3d Print & Some BatMashups™

First Printed Prototype BatMashups

Printing at a larger scale with more detail

He's Alive! He's Already Got Friends

Modeling Version 2 with Crocs

This hero needs Crocs! ChonkMaster™ General Strike a Pose

Painting Updates and New Prints Soon!