💬 Slack Link Preview: Bringing Pendo to Life in Slack

Slack Unfurling for Pendo in Slack

What is unfurling?

We take it for granted everyday when we use software, but someone has to make the things we do work. In Slack, unfurling allows the visualization of shared content via a conversation. Most of us have pasted a link to a Google Doc or presentation into a Slack thread. Sometimes, users will just see a link and sometimes they will see a representation of their document visualized within the application.

This is powerful stuff that increases user adoption and retention and that's what we were all about at Pendo. Our dedication to our product experience means that sometimes we need to help bring the power of our product to other applications. As a part of the Integrations team, I was in charge of helping visualize what that meant for Pendo pages and dashboard widgets in Slack. Slack Link Preview was one of the coolest and most enjoyable projects I had the opportunity to work on at Pendo.

Slack Mobile Ortho Mockup

👆 This is Unfurling Example of an unfurled Figma link

Visualizing Pendo Pages and Widgets in Slack

Slack Mobile Ortho Mockup Slack Mobile Mockups

Real World Scenarios

As a Product Manager, I want my teammates to have the latest information about our products available to me. Using Pendo, this is already possible, but when I am able to share this content, it encourages participation, which can result in higher adoption and retention. Allowing teammates to subscribe to reports adds another layer of excitement.

Using Slack's block builder kit, I visualized actual test data in a Slack environment. The results were inspiring! Not only could we grab interesting data for our customers, but we could also visualize our powerful analytics in conversation.

Detail of Slack Unfurling for Pendo in Slack Animated Slack Unfurling for Pendo in Slack

👆 Actionable Insights Examples of the possibilities we unlock with sharing.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Part of the joy of this project was the shared enthusiasm with my teammates. We feed each other with ideas and through iteration which allows us to continuously improve the user experience.

Slack Unfurling Team Love