💾 Revisiting Old Work: Spencer Health

Spencer Health

I have been feeling nostalgic lately. This is a blast from the past and I figured I would post some of the work to share. This was an incredibly fun project. I worked on concept design for the hardware as well as the very first iterations of the UI. It was everything I love working on: Ideation, mockups, sketches, modeling, partnering with engineering and also with an industrial design group out of Boston. I created 3d files and rendered in Keyshot with post-processing in Photoshop.

👆 Branding: A lot of this work is still used today.

👆 One of the beauty shots.

👆 Product rendering in a kitchen at scale.

👆 Engineering animation to show medication dispense in action.

👆 Top angle: Spencer's original concepts had multiple colors, but were not realized in the final implementation.

Big Pharma loves me

Some cute little wallets to make carrying your drugs easier.