💾 Revisiting the Whale: Resilience 🐳

The Great Whale

It's been a few years, but this is still one of my favorite pieces. It's aged pretty well IMO, and still makes me smile whenever I stumble across it in my old files. When I created this illustration, I was thinking about how to visibly show characters with resilience or perseverance. At the time, I was making a lot of aliens, monsters, and random 3d characters, but I wanted to try telling more of a story with a single image. The whale is obviously the primary character, but the divers, sharks, and harpoons are really just as important. Or are they? He's clearly unshaken and continues to make his way through the ocean.

I've struggled with a title for this piece. Originally, it was The Doofus Whale, but then it was The Derpy Whale, and now I am leaning towards just calling it Resilience ❤️.


Harpoons piercing the whale A diver observes the whale

👆 I hid a Scared of Salad signature on this scuba diver's flippers

A diver floats above the whale Sharks roaming the waters above